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Benefits Combo Package

Benefits Packages

Our affordable benefits packages help postal subs get the benefits they need. High-quality life insurance, a Roth IRA and disability insurance gives peace of mind and covers all of the bases.

This is our most popular option among part-time employees. This program involves a combination of three of the most important benefits you need as a sub.

Life Insurance: This program involves providing a small amount of whole life insurance where the prices do not increase. The policy does accumulate cash value that can be used in retirement.

Roth IRA: This program also includes a roth IRA where you can contribute after tax dollars into an IRA where those funds are not taxed when you withdraw them in retirement. This is a very unique aspect of the program and one that we haven’t found anywhere else.

Disability Insurance: This program can include a disability rider that pays a benefit up to $1,500 a month in the even you cannot perform the substantial duties of your position. There is a bit of underwriting on this particular part of the plan so we can review this option with you when we speak with you by phone.

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Benefits for Subs

Giving you access to affordable benefits

Just because you are not a career employee of the USPS doesn’t mean you can’t gain access to benefits you need outside the postal service. Learn more about our programs